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Read Write Inc

As a School, we are implementing the 'Read Write Inc.' phonic programme. The aim for Read, Write, Inc. at Riverside School is to provide all pupils, for whom it is appropriate, the opportunity to learn to read. Reading is a vital life-skill for pupils at Riverside to learn as it opens doors to so many opportunities such as reading the names of shops, reading stories and books as a pastime and looking at and choosing foods from a menu. We believe that teaching pupils to read will also increase their independence.
Read, Write Inc. provides a personalised, but structured approach to the teaching of reading from the starting point of identifying sounds and moving through to reading books and comprehension work. It is a synthetic phonic approach; it combines 5 clear steps to ensure real success in literacy:
  1. A systematic and dynamic whole-school approach
  2. High quality literacy teaching
  3. Inspiring whole-school literacy training
  4. Effective assessment and grouping
  5. Keeps parents fully supportive

Please CLICK HERE  to see Riverside's Case Study

You can view a short video on how we use Read Write Inc. in school by clicking on the image below: